At The Mountains Of Madness
  • Genre:Goa Trance
  • Release date:14 Jul 2015

At The Mountains Of Madness

At The Mountains Of Madness – 2015

At The Mountains Of Madness is the debut album of french Goa trance producer Jerome Lesterps, better known as Proxeeus. Since the appereance on Celestial Transvibrations compilation, Neogoa and Proxeeus worked very hard to deliver this debut album to the Goa trance fans around the world and introduce his talent in full-lenght form and to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Neogoa Records and international netlabel’s day and also introducing the brand new Proxeeus website. Being inspired by HP Lovecraft themes, this album delivers mad and energy driven acid Goa trance music with high-octane melodies and grooves. This unusual combination of interesting concepts will bring a listener on a proper Goa trance journey and bring back acid vibe into Goa trance on big doors. All tracks written and produced by Jerome Lesterps (France). Artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design (Croatia) with mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs (Croatia).

  • Across The Galaxy (149 BPM)
  • Hanuman (147 BPM)
  • Vimanas (149 BPM)
  • Mechanical Menace (147 BPM)
  • At The Mountains Of Madness (147 BPM)
  • Ayahuasca (149 BPM)
  • Chandra Knows (144 BPM)
  • The Sea Of Tranquility (100 BPM)

Artist: Proxeeus
Title: At The Mountains Of Madness
Label: Neogoa
Style: Goa Trance
Region: France

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