Various Artists – Mysteries of Psytrance vol.5

Goa Spacetime (2015)

Ovnimoon Records brings the world another amazing compilation from the Mysteries of Psytrance series.

Volume 5 continues the to answer the millennial question of what is Psytrance, this time around Ovnimoon is joined by Rigel to make this volume an instant favorite for everyone’s collection!

Tracks from many of our labels regular sonic wizards create a foundation for this cosmic escapade and some fresh new outlooks and support come from an amazing group of newly acquainted additions to our growing family of mystical creators. Fitting Ovnimoon’s vision for these wild mysterious tails are artist such as Atacama, Lunatica, Fliperama, deSh, PsiloCybian, Mental Drop, Spiritual Mode, Magnosis, Hanuman, Radical Distortion, Ion Vader, Proxeeus, Declaration of Unity, Telepatic, Patchbay, GO-ON, Satinka, Rony Melo, Rad Monitor and Tripy.

Hector Stuardo aka Ovnimoon is the world known trance producer and seminal DJ extraordinaire. Hector digs deep into his magic stash of fresh new and unreleased tracks to showcase the latest magnificent selections from the world’s leading talent and even some as yet undiscovered gems!

This trip is so packed with pleasure that you won’t ever want to stop! Once unlocked, the mysteries will surely sweep you along into the wake of a powerful comet of sonic deliverance bound for the outer rim!


Atacama (3) Ever Changing River Flow 8:38
Lunatica (2) Freakalia 7:16
Fliperama Capcom 7:43
Desh (7) Jaguar 8:51
PsiloCybian Back From A Magic Party 7:35
Mental Drop 26 Experiment 8:06
Spiritual Mode Spirit Molecule 8:06
Hanuman (4) Momentos Con Suyai 8:19
Radical Distortion The Score (Declaration Of Unity Remix)) 7:31
Ion Vader Levitate 8:21
Proxeeus The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath 10:07
Declaration Of Unity Pray N’ Play 7:20
Patch Bay & Telepatic Vale Do Sol 7:31
Go_On The Speed Of Light 7:11
Satinka We Come From Darkness & Light 8:51
Rony Melo Let’s Go 7:53
Rad Monitor Sundown 8:26
Tripy Sonic States 9:27